Jul 30, 2008

Paradise island : the 3rd surf resort in North Malé

It took about 6 month for Lohifushi to turn into Huduranfushi resort over the summer 2006 and in the meantime, Paradise Island set up a surfing service to the nearest breaks. Of course, you can not surf on Paradise Island but Jails / Sultans / Honky’s only stands a 20 minute dhoni ride way. While Chaaya Dhonveli and Huduranfushi now enforce strict exclusivity access over their home left-handers, Paradise now plays third fiddle in the surf resorts without surf but good service to travel to nearby breaks.

Paradise Island is an idyllic setting for surfers who desire access to 5-star facilities. Paradise Island features both water and beach bungalow accommodation, an international dining experience from the island’s buffet, Italian and Japanese restaurants, a Day Spa set in a lush tropical theme and a large variety of water sports activities, including Jet Ski, parasail and diving.

Line up surf the Maldives offers a Dhoni (20 minutes) service twice daily to famous local breaks such as Jailbreaks, Honky’s, Sultans and Full Moon. These leave at 8am and 2pm each day and return by lunch and sunset respectively. Regular trips to Cokes and Chickens are also arranged as well as to breaks on South Male Atoll. A qualified surf instructor/surf guide accompanies each session and coordinates all surf activities from Paradise Island.

Lineup Maldives aims to become the most competitive provider of quality surf resort living in the North Male Atoll and would welcome new customers. Packages begin from $Aus2999 / 1850 €. Casual rates are also available for surfers who desire greater flexibility. Enquiries can be made at sales@tripconcept.com (world) and Lineup@lineup.com.au (Australia). See also www.surfthemaldives.com or email the surf guide directly on Paradise Island on markbcosta@gmail.com for further information.

Jul 28, 2008

Magic Seaweed top forecasts

For long, Maldives has been blank on the usual global surf forecasts like Surfline (now there is a detailed forecast). Mainly because there is a very low surf population and because there are no main surf destinations nearby (Sri Lanka does not attract enough surfers). For 3 years, British magicseaweed has been releasing a free 7days forecasts with as many informations as you need (including tides) for an increasing number of spots : Beacons, Honky's, Jails, Lohi's, Malé, Pasta Point, Sultans in North Malé and Tiger Stripes in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll. Although one could expect a more widespread selection of spots (especially in South malé), that range of infos is probably the widest you can ever find on the web.

The 7 day forecast with swell, period and winds is really convenient to watch. Maldives has very consistent medium size surf and Central Maldives is never flat from March to November. More than swell& tides, your enemy is the wind although there is alwats a corner of the reefpass with side offshore winds. December-March is sunny & dry (Iruvai season, NE monsoon) while May-October is rather windy and humid (Hulhangu seaosn, SW monsoon), April and November being the transition months. If you refer clean crisp conditions with eays cruising, come between late-march to mid-may but those are the most requested weeks. The SW monsson starts with 3 or more straight days of rainfall and heavy WSW winds then good weather comes back. For months, there will be an alternance of thunderstorms and sunny spells. While skies are often overcast, it’s rarely too windy (average 10-15 knotsd dominant WSW winds) like the trade-winds belt. Even in June-July, the heart of the SW monsoon, there are still a good number of clean days. Rains are mostly heavy showers, don’t leave your boardbags wipe open ! April is the warmest month and heat remains high (30°c) but not desert-like suffocating. Water remains in the 27-30°c so don’t even think of neoprene unless you expect some protection from reef or sun.The rating system makes it fairly comprehensive to know how good the week ahead will be.

Links :http://magicseaweed.com/Pasta-Point-Surf-Report/572/

Other key forecast websites :
Windguru (7 days- Malé) : www.windguru.cz/fr/index.php?sc=4158

Surfline (Chicken's) : http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/chickens-maldives_6154/

Buoyweather (3 days free, 7 days paying ; nearest virtual buoy SW Sri Lanka) : www.buoyweather.com

Stormsurf Indian Ocean : www.stormsurf.com/page2/links/indiwam.shtml