Dec 22, 2009

WQS Pasta Point cancelled in 2010

After nine incredible years of running the 6 Star Prime Rated Maldives World Qualifying Series event ASP Australasia today announced that the event will be postponed for 2010.

ASP Australasia have been aggressively looking for a sponsor to take up the Maldives event, which has been highly regarded as one of the very best events on the World Qualifying Series, but for 2010 this is not a reality.

The event was created in year 2001 and run as the Deep Blue Open, an intrepid initiative by ASP Australasia at the time and over ten years delivered outstanding surf and an exceptional global promotion to the Maldives which now has a booming surf tourism industry.

Plans are already in place to re instate the event for 2011.

“With world class, super high performance waves and on the cusp of its 10th birthday, it is disappointing that the Maldives WQS event will not be featured on the 2010 ASP calendar“, said ASP Australasia Tour Manager Dane Jordan.

“On a promotion, brand awareness and media perspective the event has always offered an exceptional return on investment for sponsors and we are confident that the Maldives WQS will return for the 2011 season.

In the mean time, Sri Lankan Airlines is setting up a 6star at Arugam Bay from June 14-20 now that the new road to A-Bay will make things much easier.

Nov 24, 2009

Welcome to Kuda Ayya

Welcome to Kuda Ayya, the new Maldivesurf surfguide ! Now, a majority of the 30-40 surfguides in the Maldives are foreigners since there is probably less than 10 maldivian surfguides working whether on boats or resorts.

Since the beginning Maldivesurf guides have been hiring Maldivians ( Nahu, Fayani, Rifu) and here is Ali Khushruwan, much better known as Kuda Ayya, who will be starting in March,2010. Kuda Ayya, 23 years of age, has been surfing since he was 12, is undoubtedly Maldivian bodyboarder N°1. He got 1st place in several competitions including the national bodyboarding competition (varunulaa challenge)over last 2 years. Ayya is the only the bodyboader who gets sponsorship in surfing garments and products such as Hot Buttered, Reef ,Ocean & earth, Kutalines, Smith Opticals and FCS accessories.

He has studied up to grade 8 from Majeedhiyya School then has worked for the last 5 years in Malé main surfshop : Sea & Sports. He’s now pushing a new crew of bodyboarders in Malé to surf in town. And he might light the fire of some kids in the central atolls as well !

Nov 17, 2009

New Guesthouse in Cokes

The first surf camp now open in the Maldives, exclusive to The Perfect Wave Travel Co, Cola’s guest house is in the village of Thulusdhoo in North Male Atoll where the mighty COKES point offers the best right hand point break in the Maldives. Across the channel within easy view of the hotel, an equally good left, Chickens works its magic.

The camp is owned and operated by Aussie Brian James who has ten years experience working in the Maldives surf. With his Japanese partner Chiharu Kanno, they offer their surfing guests a wealth of local knowledge and a warm and friendly stay at a truly unique hotel/surf camp.

With an unsurpassed view of the surf at Cokes and Chickens, Colas has two large informal areas to relax in. The top floor has a common area and is equipped with home theatre system, library, and games for the tired surfer to enjoy. The ground floor and reception area offers a juice bar and cafe with more room to refine the art of chilling out before or after a hard session in the surf


8 double or twin share rooms with AC, mini fridge, ceiling fans, hot water ensuites and closet. All rooms open to communal areas for relaxation. Also all linen and room towels are provided

  • Colas offers all meals from a well appointed kitchen.
  • Foods are a combination of Australian
    and Japanese style with a little local Maldivian cuisine to balance things out.
  • Colas Juice Bar offers smoothies and fresh fruit
  • Shiatsu massage is available by appointment.
  • Extra charge : US$40 one hour; US$20 half hour
  • Babysitting is available by appointment.
  • Extra charge : US$10
    one hour
  • Home theatre in the communal area on the upper level
  • Chess, backgammon, cards, various games and a library on the upper level.
  • Wireless internet facility available 24 hours a day
  • Mobile phone access at all times
  • Local supermarket, Big Shop for any extra needs


Due to the local religion, the consumption of alcohol

is forbidden in all Maldives villages

therefore is not available at Colas.

Photography - Surf photo and video service

by experienced photographer by appointment.

Extra charge : US$25 per hour per individual surfer

Oct 29, 2009

Kai Sallas wins Pasta, Ingleby wins 2009 Tour

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Oxbow World Longboard Tour Maldives event today crowned two champions – Harley Ingelby (Australia) as the ASP 2009 World Longboard Champion and Kai Sallas (Hawaii) as the Oxbow Maldives event champion.

Sallas won the event, surfing clean 3 feet (1 meter) surf at Pasta Point defeating Australasia’s Harley Ingelby in a high scoring final that saw Sallas take the win with a combined two wave tally of 15.65 to Ingelby on 14.00. Ingelby’s second placing in today’s final event on the two event ASP 2009 World Longboard Tour secured him the World Title.

“I’m so stoked to win this event, the waves have been super fun all week and to beat Harley in the final capped off a perfect week for me” said Sallas.“ I started well with 7.65 on my first ride and felt confident that I could back that ride up and take the win, Ingelby came at me hard in the final few minutes but my best ride was my final one and it’s great to win and actually beat the current world champion as well!”

The ASP World Longboard Champion is decided across the ratings from two events and Ingelby’s 1st placing in the season’s opening event in Japan along with his 2nd place here in the Maldives see’s him take the first ASP World Title for the 2009 season. “It’s the best day of my life” said 26 year old Ingelby after the final.

“I’ve been close to winning in the past and always felt I could win the title but I’ve also seen many great surfers not win world titles and I was wary that the opportunity could slip – It’s a huge weight off my shoulders and right now the feeling is unbelievable.” Ingelby secured the world title early in the day when he defeated Brazilian Phil Ratzman in a very close see-sawing quarter final.

“It would have been great to take the event win as well as the world title but full marks to Sallas, he surfed a great final and he deserved the win as he’s been a standout all week.” “I really left my run in the final late, I don’t think I had one decent score in the first 20 minutes, when I did get that 8 point ride late in the final I was a real chance but simply could not find a wave to deliver a decent second score” added Ingelby.

Today’s Semi Finals were both tightly fought out with Sallas defeating fellow Hawaiian Ned Snow while Ingelby survived a late challenge in his semi final from French surfer Antoine Delpero winning on a score-line of 14.80 to Delpero on 14.35. With excellent surf throughout the event all surfers enjoyed a great week and it was a fitting finale to the ASP Oxbow Longboard World Tour for 2009.

Heat 1: Kai Sallas (HAW)12.00 V Eduardo Bagé (BRA)11.85
Heat 2: Ned Snow (HAW) 15.75D Ben Skinner (GBR)11.75
Heat 3: Harley Ingleby (AUS)14.00 D Phil Rajzman (BRA) 13.55
Heat 4: Antoine Delpero (FRA) 13.50 D Remi Arauzo (FRA) 12.00

Heat 1: Kai Sallas (HAW) 14.50 D Ned Snow (HAW) 13.45
Heat 2: Harley Ingelby (AUS) 14.80 D Antoine Delpero (FRA) 14.35

Kai Sallas (HAW) 15.65 d Harley Ingelby (AUS) 14.00

1 Ingleby,Harley AUS
2 Sallas,Kai HAW
3 Delpero,Antoine FRA
4 Rajzman,Phil BRA
5 Perkins,Bonga HAW
6 Snow,Ned HAW
7 Bage,Eduardo BRA
8 De Soto,Duane HAW
9 McPhillips,Colin USA
10 Skinner,Ben GBR
11 Jensen,Taylor USA
12 Matos,Amaro BRA
13 Edwards,Keegan HAW
14 Arauzo,Remi FRA
15 Moir,Matthew ZAF
16 Young,Bryce AUS
17 Neal,Jared AUS
18 Bahia,Carlos BRA
19 Constable,Josh AUS
20 Bleakley,Sam GBR
20 Deniel,Alexis FRA
22 Salazar,Alex(Picuruta) BRA
23 Silva,Jeremias BRA
24 Silvagni,Tony USA
25 Mori,Taiki JPN
25 Ogashira ,Nobuhiro JPN
25 Macleod,Dylan ZAF
28 Mothershead,Troy USA
29 Viudes,Jaime BRA
29 Maurin,Romain FRA
31 Robbins,Cole USA
31 Teal,Eugene JPN
33 Kinoshita,David JPN
34 Shimabukuro,Noah HAW
35 Surman,Mitch AUS
35 Bing,Justin ZAF
35 Pioli,Dane AUS

Oct 26, 2009

Oxbow World Longboard Tour starts at Pasta

25 October, 2009 : An idyllic setting and perfect waves at Pasta Point set the scene for the final event of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Oxbow World Longboard Tour for 2009.As the second and final event, this will decide the 2009 World Champion. All 32 surfers competing in the event have arrived and are warming up in excellent three-to-four foot (1 – 1.5 metre) surf at Pasta Point.

Australia’s Harley Ingelby, the current leader on the 2009 ASP World Longboard season ratings, has been here for three days and has already spent many hours in the water familiarizing himself with the wave in hopes of giving himself the best chance to win this year’s ASP World Longboard Title.

“Awesome waves here and I’m really enjoying surfing,” Ingelby said. “As far as the world title goes, I’m only thinking about surfing heat-by-heat and simply treating this as another important ASP event. The ratings will take care of themselves, I just have to surf my best and try and win.”

Defending ASP World Longboard Champion, Bonga Perkins (Hawaii), is currently in third position on the ratings, and on a two-event series, has every chance of adding another title to his already impressive two ASP World Longboard Titles (1996, 2008).

“The world title is there to be won and that’s what I’m here for,” Perkins said. “There’s all sorts of equations as to how to win and I’m here to defend my title and if that means making the Final and winning the event then that’s what I’ll try and do. The waves are super fun, incredibly warm water and I’ve enjoyed surfing the last two days. I’m ready to go.”

Among the world’s elite of longboarding visiting the Maldives, the title contenders from the Oxbow team include Antoine Delpero (FRA), Duane de Soto (HAW), Ben Skinner (GBR), Eduardo Bagé (BRA), Matthew Moir (RSA) and Bryce Young (AUS).

Being a two-event series for 2009, there is a strong possibility that the No. 1 position on the ratings could be tied after this event and if that is the case, a surf-off will occur at this event.

ASP Tour Manager Al Hunt outlined the plans for this situation today.

“With two events of identically-rated events to decide the ASP World Longboard Title for 2009, there’s a big possibility of a first place tie and if that happens we’ll run a special Final here to determine the World Title,” Al Hunt, ASP World Longboard Tour Manager, said. “It’s a situation that will only be applied for 1st place on the ratings and we’ll determine how that final would be run if and when it’s required at the end of this event.”

The event will be live web via and with excellent swell running today it looks very much like round one action will commence early tomorrow morning.

For more information, log onto

Heat 1:
Colin McPhillips (USA) vs. Dylan Macleod (ZAF)
Heat 2: Bryce Young (AUS) vs. Kai Sallas (HAW)
Heat 3: Carlos Bahia (BRA) vs. Sam Bleakley (GBR)
Heat 4: Eduardo Bage (BRA) vs. Nobuhiro Ogashira (JPN)
Heat 5: Duane De Soto (HAW) vs. Troy Mothershead (USA)
Heat 6: Ned Snow (HAW) vs. Tony Silvagni (USA)
Heat 7: Ben Skinner (GBR) vs. Alexis Deniel (FRA)
Heat 8: Bonga Perkins (HAW) vs. Mitch Surman (AUS)
Heat 9: Harley Ingleby (AUS) vs. Justin Bing (ZAF)
Heat 10: Keegan Edwards (HAW) vs. Jared Neal (AUS)
Heat 11: Phil Rajzman (BRA) vs. Cole Robbins (USA)
Heat 12: Taylor Jensen (USA) vs. Jaime Viudes (BRA)
Heat 13: Antoine Delpero (FRA) vs. Taiki Mori (JPN)
Heat 14: Alex (Picuruta) Salazar (BRA) vs. Josh Constable (AUS)
Heat 15: Matthew Moir (ZAF) vs. Remi Arauzo (FRA)

Sep 8, 2009

Plans for a $3 /day Green Tax on visitors

Famed mostly for high-end luxury resorts and white-sand atolls, the Maldives has made a name for itself as an advocate for mitigating climate change because rising sea levels are forecast to submerge most of its islands by 2100. The Maldives' $850 million economy gets more than a quarter of its gross domestic product from tourists, but has not yet taxed them to help it fight climate change.

President Mohammed Nasheed, who in March outlined plans to make the Maldives the world's first carbon-neutral nation within a decade, said an environment tax was soon to be levied on all tourists. "We have introduced a green tax. It's in the pipeline. It's a matter of parliament approving it and I hope parliament will approve it -- $3 per each tourist a day," Nasheed told reporters in Male, the capital of the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Based on an annual average of 700,000 tourists who spend an average of three days on the islands, that translates to about $6.3 million annually. In March, Nasheed launched a $1.1 billion initiative to convert the islands solely to renewable energy from fossil fuels, and buy and destroy EU carbon credits to offset emissions from tourists flying to visit its resorts.

The government has acknowledged it needs outside investment to fund those plans, and Nasheed's trip to U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen in December. Last month, his office said he would not attend the talks because of a budget crisis that forced the country to seek a $60 million International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan.

Nasheed said he still had no plans to attend "unless someone very generously helps us. I hope someone will assist us." He said the Maldives had little leverage in the outcome of the Copenhagen talks, which are to create a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, but a huge stake. "There is no point in Maldives entering the agreement. It is a small country. It is India, China, Brazil, the United States that have to join in," he said. "No one is going to come out as a winner without an agreement."

Aug 14, 2009

Google Earth : splendid views

An increasing number of atolls are being precisely shot by the ominous Google Earth image viewers. If you look closely, you will find a tremendous amount of spots, and maybe some secrets surfspots. Here is half a dozen :

Aug 3, 2009

July 2009 : great surf conditions

July has been a great month for the surfers in Maldives ! Lots of long-distance swells, less monsoon winds and less rainy than usual. Good weather and good waves is what all surfers are looking for. July is normally a pretty dull month with much overcast days, strong SSW winds blowing out the lefts and generally rough conditions for cruising. Although rights like Sultans, Jails or Cokes still remain offshore, it's not necessarily a month for great surf. Watch the archives of Windguru and you can see the details of this mythical month. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A BLOW UP

July 2009
Overall : the 2nd (6 to 12) and 4th (23 to 31) weeks were idyllic
Worldclass days : July 7,8, 11,12, 23,30,31
Average : 1.9m - 11-12sec
Swells : 8 new swells with more SW on the first half and more SE on the second half
Bad weather : 5,6,13-15

By comparison, the onset of the SW monsoon last May has been among the most violent ever with 12 consecutive days (18-29) over 20 km/h and peaks at 41 km/h average WSW winds and pouring rains. The monsoon started striking among May,10 and almost lasted 3 weeks of strong west winds, which has created very rough cruising and very disorganized surf. Apart from the 1st week, May has been an horrendous month. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A BLOW UP

May 2009
Overall : the 1st week (1 to 8) was fine with clean small to mid-size swells.
Worldclass days : May 1,2,3,6,7
Average : 1.4m - 8sec
Swells : 6 new swells with very little SE, 11 days of dominant WSW winds / swells
Bad weather : 9-11; 13, 18-21; 23-26

Remember, most of the good spots are facing E / SE

Make your own stats to better choose your next surtrip in the Maldives, especially on a surf safari boat.

Jul 15, 2009

Tourist arrivals decrease by 10%

Some 282,000 foreign tourists visited Maldives by end of May 2009, tourism ministry statistics have revealed. According to the ministry this is 10.5 % reduction when compared to May 2008, probably due the effects of the World Crisis.

Looking at tourist arrivals for the past 5 months of this year, least number of tourist arrivals were in February and March. According to World Tourism Organization (WTO) there was an 8% reduction in global tourism in the first 2 months of 2009. Global economic downturn and the A1H1N1 influenza have had devastating impacts on global tourism industry with an anticipated reduction of 2-3% by the end of this year.
Highest number of tourists arrivals in Malé were from Italy ,UK , Germany , France , Russia , China , Switzerland , Japan , Australia , and India.
- 47,700 Italians
- 43,500 British
- 30,000 Germans
- 27,791 French
- 18,919 Russians

Jun 20, 2009

Maldivian locals still not making heats

Despite rising surfing levels, it's still very hard for Maldivian best surfers to compete with international surfers at last WQS. All the 7 surfers got last and again Iboo got the best score. Here are their results on their last round 1 heats :

Fuku, 4th : 4.73
Ammadey,4th : 3.67
Azly,4th : 3.33
Shaad,4th : 2.50
Iboo,4th : 7.07
Matte,3th : 2.10 (no 4th)
Mike,4th : 4.70

P.S : video of WQS finals

Jun 15, 2009

Owen Wright Wins Epic Final

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Owen Wright (Australia/NSW/Lennox Head) has won the 10th annual Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) six star PRIME rated World Qualifying Series (WQS) SriLankan Airlines Pro in the Maldives.

It was a monumental high scoring final, described by numerous ASP officials at this event as the greatest final they have ever seen held in outstanding 4 to 5 feet (1.5m) surf at Pasta Point.

This final had everything with both surfers forcing each other to new heights combining superb power surfing with new age aerial moves.

The final scores saw Owen Wright on 19.23 out of a possible 20 to Gudauskas on 18.93.

Wright’s second ride in the final of 9.83 was decisive, pulling two major aerial manoeuvres along with a series of fully powered on face vertical turns.

While that wave opened up a serious lead, Gudauskas challenged hard on his second ride driving through a series of powerful top to bottom turns but just fractionally mistimed his final floating re entry and fell. The wave was still awarded an outstanding 8.94, many believed had he landed that final turn it would have been his second perfect 10 point ride for the event.

Wright capitalised mid final with another outstanding 9.4 ride, again inclusive of aerial moves and Gudauskas suddenly found himself in an unlikely combination of scores required situation.

Gudauskas, who earlier in this event had scored a perfect ten point ride utilizing the new age rodeo clown move, refused to concede the final and began to focus on going for another perfect 10 by attempting some massive rodeo clowns (aerial 540 degree reverse flips), which he went perilously close to landing.

Inside the final five minutes, Gudauskas found his final excellent wave, unleashed three incredible top to bottom powered turns, lined up the final section, launched and landed another amazing aerial flip to take a perfect 10 points.

Still in second place and requiring a 9.24 to win, time ran out for Gudauskas and Wright was the deserving winner of this epic battle.

“That was the best final I have ever experienced “ said Wright after his win.

“ I knew Pat was capable of scoring 9 to 10 point rides and before the final I knew I’d have to pull multiple aerials to win - my strategy was at least two serious aerials on the waves and a lot of powerful surfing in between the aerials and that’s exactly how it played out.”

Owen Wright is now number one rated surfer on the ASP World Qualifying Series and the exciting 19 year old has already reassessed his goals for the season.

“At the start of the year I was focusing on winning the Pro Junior season in Australia and doing a few WQS events to get the experience but now I’m definitely looking to win the WQS and qualify for the ASP World Tour.”

ASP world tour head judge Perry Hatchet firmly placed this final within the top five finals he had ever witnessed while many others declared it the best final they had witnessed.

The entire event, which created history earlier when Pat Gudauskas delivered the first competitive rodeo clown manoeuvre, appears to have sped up the aerial assault that surfing is taking.

Pat Gudauskas’s efforts both in the final and throughout the event left the 23 year old feeling good after his narrow defeat in the final.

“You know I feel like I’ve won the event even though I lost, it was just such an amazing event and incredible final to surf in and I’m really stoked to have pulled those aerials” said Gudauskas.

“I think surfing’s heading to exciting places with these moves and I’m fully pumped for the rest of the year.”

In a significant rule implementation, the final was actually restarted after the first 10 minutes saw both surfers without a score on the board. This recent rule had just been passed by the ASP and it was successful at its first go.

“The 10 minute restart rule set that final up and made it an incredible event” commented ASP World Tour Head Judge Perry Hatchett.

Equal 3rd placed surfers today were Brazilian 19 year old Jadson Andre and USA’s Austin Ware.

Andre went down in his semi final to Gudauskas but again demonstrated his incredible aerial skills fighting back from a massive combination scoring situation in the semi final using his trademark colossal aerial skills.

The 3rd place result for Andre further consolidates his season on the WQS. Andre is now rated 4th on the season WQS ratings.

At season’s end the top 15 surfers on the WQS will qualify for the elite ASP World Tour and Andre is superbly placed.

For Austin Ware his 3rd place finish was his best result of the season and also has him right in contention on the WQS at this half way point to the season.

Current Top 15 ASP WQS are:
Wright,Owen AUS 1 11338
Ross,Daniel AUS 2 10600
Melling,Adam AUS 3 10301
Andre,Jadson BRA 4 10100
Simpson,Brett USA 5 8476
Duru,Joan FRA 6 8451
Gudauskas,Patrick USA 7 8263
Logie,Travis ZAF 8 8226
Thornton,Blake AUS 9 8013
Polo,Marco BRA 10 7825
Munro,Luke AUS 11 7813
Thompson,Jay AUS 12 7688
Yeomans,Nathan USA 12 7688
Courtney,Drew AUS 14 7513
Ware,Austin USA 15 7457

Jun 3, 2009

Play Dhonveli Pro online

Go to the events official website at and follow the links to and to access these two online games.

Both games have detailed easy to follow instructions on how to play. Like many sporting games, engages participants by choosing a team of surfers with points awarded according to performance while tackles the SriLankan Airlines Pro from an interactive wave riding perspective.

Play either or both and you’ll at least feel a little bit like you are in paradise; picture and dream of the perfect peeling points, unbelievable 30°c water temps, tropical climate... Almost as good as being there in person, maybe !

Nationals will happen on June,7th, Sunday at Dhonveli to select 2 wildcards among the top 8 Maldivian surfers. Good luck !

Past 7 WQS winners

2007 Dhonveli Sri Lankan Pro : Heitor ALVES (BRA)

2006 Dhonveli Sri Lankan Pro : Luke MUNRO (AUS)

2005 Lohifushi Deep Blue Oneill : Daniel REDMAN (ZAF)

2004 Lohifushi Deep Blue Oneill : Toby MARTIN (AUS)

2003 Lohifushi Deep Blue Oneill : Trent MUNRO (AUS)

2002 Lohifushi Deep Blue Oneill : Tim CURRAN (USA)

2001 Lohifushi Deep Blue Oneill : Chris WARD (USA)

Follow this event live, beginning next Monday at

Seaplane crashes but no casualties

On June 02. A Maldivian Air Taxi seaplane crashed into the lagoon of Halaveli Resort in Ari Atoll this morning during a photo excursion, reports say. The incident occurred around 10:45 local time, according to Haveeru News.

All 7 people on board, including 4 photographers and 3 crews all escaped without any major injuries, according to Civil Aviation Ministry. The photographers are foreigners whilst the crew are Maldivians nationals.

A similar incident occurred on July 14th last year when a plane sank near Bathala Resort in Ari Atoll after it crashed with a Dhoni on landing.

Maldives is home to the largest sea plane operation in the world, as part of the the logistics to support the tourism industry. Most visitors take a sea plane from Male' International Airport to their destined holiday resort in outer Atolls. The operation and the fleet has an excellent safety standard and incidents of this nature rare occur. Earlier, frequent accidents in helicopters resulted in the seizing of the operation and no helicopters are currently in service in the Maldives.

May 24, 2009

SriLankan Airlines Pro : June 8-14

SriLankan Airlines Pro in the Maldives set to deliver paradise to ASP World Qualifying Series

ASP Australasia Office Casuarina NSW : Widely regarded as the most striking event on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS), the SriLankan Airlines Pro in the Maldives has again drawn a brilliant field of 128 international surfers from 20 nations around the surfing world.

Current ASP World Tour surfer and 2007 SriLankan Airlines Pro Champion Heitor Alves (Brazil) heads the field as the events number one seed with a long list of magnificent surfers in the line up that includes Phil Macdonald (Australia), Sunny Garcia (Hawaii/ASP 2000 World Champion), Aritz Aranburu (Spain), Pat Gudauskas (USA), Masotoshi Ohno (Japan), Travis Logie (South Africa) and current number one rated ASP World Qualifying Series surfer Adam Melling (Australia).

This year’s event also welcomes esteemed international surf brand Ocean and Earth as a supporting sponsor. “We have seen the amazing perfection that the Maldives event has delivered to world surfing over the past five years through the webcast, images and vision and Ocean and Earth are excited to be involved” said Ocean and Earth International Chief Executive Officer, Paul Munten.

“I understand it’s the warmest waters of any ASP tour event in the world and with most surfing nations either just out of winter season or heading into winter it has to be the perfect place to be “ added Munten. Perfection off the reeling Pasta Point reef, set on the glorious Chaaya Island – Dhonveli is what this event has become famous for.

The event runs from the luxurious Sunset Beach Deck Bar and Restaurant, a location that delivers highest quality surfing at close range to the judges, spectators and media making for one of competitive surfing’s truly unique quality experiences.

Sunny Garcia, one of ASP’s most experienced and venerated competitive surfers ever, summed up his first experience in the Maldives last year saying; “This place is amazing with fantastic waves, crystal clear warm waters in a setting that is so perfect for a high level event – I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get here and I’ll certainly be back.”

A quarter finalist last year, Sunny is back in the field for 2009 and in such quality waves will be a certain contender. As an ASP World Qualifying Series Prime Six Star rated location the SriLankan Airlines Pro offers maximum points and prize money and the event is vital to the chances of all competitors surfing not only to win this event but also to qualify for the elite 2010 ASP World Tour.

It’s the perfect midyear venue to the ASP World Qualifying Series season and whoever wins this year’s 2009 SriLankan Airlines Pro will be ideally set up for the years tour.

ASP Australasia as the event managers will ensure a quality live Webcast along with Television News Feeds, class complimentary Digital Images for newspapers and websites, Web highlight packages and a dedicated 30 minute international television program.

SriLankan Airlines Pro 2009 is made possible thanks to the following sponsors: SriLankan Airlines, John Keells Group, Chaaya Island – Dhonveli, Atoll Travel, Atoll Adventures, Ocean & Earth International, Dhiraagu, Maldives Tourism & Promotions Board, ASP Australasia

May 17, 2009

Flight booking : Malé is not Mahé

When booking a flight to maldives, don't get mixed up between Malé (MLE) and Malé (SEZ). That's what happened recently to a french surfer due to arrive in Malé on EK flight. When boarding his flight in Dubai, he looked at the route map on TV and was wondering " why do they show the Seychelles map ?" before he understood his blunder. He got mixed up. Fortunately, there was enough time to exit the flight and re-book for Malé.

May 11, 2009

Vindhu2 hit the reef and sink with surfers

On 06 May 2009, A safari vessel called ‘Vindhu’ carrying 9 German surfers and an Indian has ran around Farukolhu Fushi (Ex Club Med near Hulhumalé anchoring spot) reef while travelling to Male’ from Kaafu atoll Dhihfushi.

According to Maldives Police Services, at the time of the incident, a total of 13 people were onboard. Police reports that when the incident was reported at around 2015 hours on Tuesday, a police rescue launch was immediately dispatched. The 13 people, including 9 Germans and one Indian was brought to Male’ onboard the rescue vessel.

Police also rescued many of surfing equipment belonging to the tourists on board Vindhu. At the time of the incident, in addition to the German tourists, the vessel owner, one Indian and Bangladeshis were onboard.

Although no causalities were reported, the vessel Vindhu sank just hours after running aground reef. At the time the paper went to press, Maldives Coast Guard has commenced activities to salvage the vessel.

May 5, 2009

World Longboard Champs at Pasta Point

The 2009 World Longboard Championships will be finalized in Maldives from October 26 to 31. After a 1st event in Tahara in Japan from July 28 to August 2, the best longboarders in the world will battle in the turquoise waters of the Maldives to win the World Longboard Championship title. They will meet at the legendary Pasta Point in Chaaya Dhonveli.

The two stages of the 2008 circuit took place in Anglet and San Clemente with the championship title going to Bonga Perkins and second place to the young Frenchman Antoine Delpero.

After the LFX Maldives in 2004 leading to the exploration of Central Maldives, Oxbow is putting again the atolls on the longboard map.

Apr 22, 2009

March Central atoll report

March 03-13 : more lefts than rights !

For the 5th Maldivesurf season in the Central atolls, that was the earliest departure ever. Eventually, that 11-day trip on MTC Cruiser (Vaareydhuni refurbished) was completed without a drop of rain and a sight of any other surf safari boat. If the swell remained in the 2-4ft league with light NW winds on the first 8 days, it finally reached a peak of 4-6ft with unreal 20 second period. Between Mikado's left, Malik's and the newly discovered "Haimark" facing Hadigilla, that's the 1st time lefts get predominant on rights for any Central atolls cruise.

Domestic flight connections between Malé and Laamu being not as quick as before, the french dentists group had to spend 6 hours in Malé upon arrival. Some took advantage of that stop to get an uncrowded surf in Malé while others were walking around town. Thus, the trip started at YinYang because YinYang never gets flat even on a 0.7m SSW swell and 9 seconds. There we surfed for 4 days in the 2-3ft range with 2 glassy days. Much is happening around the Hithadoo Pass at the Olhuveli Resort ( is about to open next October. The good news is that SixSenses headquarters are planning to set-up some surf service with speedboat transfers but the bad news is that it will be 5 star, so expect rates to be upmarket. It brings some wealth to the neighborhood and Maamendhoo island now owns a deep water harbor were Fishing Dhonis can anchor. For those who remember the jammed channel between the 2 islets with zillions of ropes, noisy boat operations, especially from Horizon Fisheries canning ship, that's history ! No more flies too !

As expected, Mikado did not delivered the goods, the light / mid North wind blowing strong enough to bring cross-wash on the rare set waves. However, Finnimas lefts really act as swell magnet and on the best days, it produced long racing 3-4ft walls and at worst, 2ft offshore peaks, that you could ride like a good beachbreak wave. Things are changing here too since following Anni new president election in October 2008, both neighbooring islands with farm and fish factory have been closed. In Thimarafushi, you can navigate on internet through Wi-fi ! Wi-fi is spreading over in the Maldives ! As in April 2008, SE winds did show up so we could surf twice Malik's lefts on the western Pass. Waves breaking really close to shore, we decided to walk through the village and there we met Abdul Majeed. He's a 42 years old local "surfer" riding with a basic scooped wood plank and no fins for years.So we did a little trade for a bodyboard and Fabien left his to Ashraf so the bodyboard community is spreading in Maldives. By the way, the group was made of 3 longboarders, 3 surfers and 2 bodyboarders.

Once we spent some time celebrating TomTom's birthday so we could kill the only bottle of alcohol onboard (wondering what happened to the other bottles) and once Etienne and Cedric caught some decent fish ( 1 good-size batfish, 2 big jobfish, 1 Emperor...), it was high time to get ready for the miracle swell who was forecast since the trip departure. After tough negotiations regarding the location we were gonna milk that swell, we headed for Hadigilla (ex-Bibeacons) for 2 epic days. Not only the rights were cooking, but we had a go at the lefts opposite the pass : first time ever ! Believe me or not but we always overlooked that spot that is often plagued by onshore winds and wrap so much that you can't even see how it breaks. Each rider anchored to one spot (natural footers on the rights and goofies and bodyboarders on the lefts) until everyone had spaghetti arms ! Before we made it back to Malé after 12h cruise mostly at night, another premiere ! A few hours before embarking on 09h30 EK Emirates flight.

For more, click and watch 120 shots slideshow.

P.S : check the boyz as well in Malé shot with a GoPro (not bad for a small camera but it requires really good light and Lithium batteries) and Davidoo, Ocean Dancer Boss who caught on SUP !