Nov 17, 2009

New Guesthouse in Cokes

The first surf camp now open in the Maldives, exclusive to The Perfect Wave Travel Co, Cola’s guest house is in the village of Thulusdhoo in North Male Atoll where the mighty COKES point offers the best right hand point break in the Maldives. Across the channel within easy view of the hotel, an equally good left, Chickens works its magic.

The camp is owned and operated by Aussie Brian James who has ten years experience working in the Maldives surf. With his Japanese partner Chiharu Kanno, they offer their surfing guests a wealth of local knowledge and a warm and friendly stay at a truly unique hotel/surf camp.

With an unsurpassed view of the surf at Cokes and Chickens, Colas has two large informal areas to relax in. The top floor has a common area and is equipped with home theatre system, library, and games for the tired surfer to enjoy. The ground floor and reception area offers a juice bar and cafe with more room to refine the art of chilling out before or after a hard session in the surf


8 double or twin share rooms with AC, mini fridge, ceiling fans, hot water ensuites and closet. All rooms open to communal areas for relaxation. Also all linen and room towels are provided

  • Colas offers all meals from a well appointed kitchen.
  • Foods are a combination of Australian
    and Japanese style with a little local Maldivian cuisine to balance things out.
  • Colas Juice Bar offers smoothies and fresh fruit
  • Shiatsu massage is available by appointment.
  • Extra charge : US$40 one hour; US$20 half hour
  • Babysitting is available by appointment.
  • Extra charge : US$10
    one hour
  • Home theatre in the communal area on the upper level
  • Chess, backgammon, cards, various games and a library on the upper level.
  • Wireless internet facility available 24 hours a day
  • Mobile phone access at all times
  • Local supermarket, Big Shop for any extra needs


Due to the local religion, the consumption of alcohol

is forbidden in all Maldives villages

therefore is not available at Colas.

Photography - Surf photo and video service

by experienced photographer by appointment.

Extra charge : US$25 per hour per individual surfer


Chris Harris said...

I have been traveling to the Maldives for surf boat trips for the past 15 years and Cokes is one of my favourite waves and i enjoy going into Thuldshoo village and chatting to the shopkeepers, fisherman and kids. When I first went to the maldives in 1995 our boat captain had to get a permit for us to visit the village islands as the government was very protective.

I was saddenned to learn of this new surf camp work set up by Aussie, Brian James on this village Island. I can't believe the government even allowed it.

It's obviously a great location to Surf Cokes and Chickens but they are usually not great till mid yeaer and it's a long way to Sultans!

Very soon other villagers on Thulusdhoo Is. will get the same idea about building a guesthouse for surfers because they will get jealous of their neighbour making money out of the surfers. Eventually the place will get overcrowded with westerners with scant regard for local traditions At least the Maldivian government won't allow alcohol there so thats something.
Personally I can't imagine not having a nice cold beer at the end of a days surfing in the tropics though.

Anyways looks like Perfect Wave Travel don't really have a conscience regarding cultural sensitivity and just interested in making some fast bucks.
It's a real shame that nothing is sacred these days!

Good onya guys !

Hope to see you in the surf at Cokes one day!


Anonymous said...

Chris, perhaps Brian James just might want to live on steady ground whilst he brings this service to the western world.He has been providing surf tours in the Maldives for almsot 10 years and in fact Brian is totally sensitive to the traditions of the Maldivians and he is widely respected.
I have been on one of his cruises and seen it personally He cannot be solely held responsible for the changes made by the new government, give him a break....

Steve Cooper said...

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Julie said...

how did you book your stay at the cola's guest house ?
i cant find a website or a booking website ...
thanks for your help

antony said...