Oct 29, 2008

Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) new President in Maldives after 30 years of Gayoom

The provisional results of the second round of the presidential elections held in Male’ showed that the MDP Alliance’s candidate, Mohamed Nasheed (Anni), had emerged as the clear winner of the election.

Announcing the provisional results of the runoff elections, the President of the Elections Commission, Mohamed Ibrahim, said that 86.58 percent of those eligible to vote had taken part in the voting. A total of 181,204 people voted in the second round of the first-ever multiparty presidential election held in Maldives.

Incumbent President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom managed to win 82,121 votes; 45.79 percent of the total votes and a slight increase from the percentage he won in the first round of the elections.

Mohamed Nasheed won 54.21% of the votes, a total of 97,222 votes. The total number of valid votes was 179,343 while 1,861 votes were deemed invalid. The total number of people who were eligible to vote in the runoff election was 209,294.