Dec 22, 2009

WQS Pasta Point cancelled in 2010

After nine incredible years of running the 6 Star Prime Rated Maldives World Qualifying Series event ASP Australasia today announced that the event will be postponed for 2010.

ASP Australasia have been aggressively looking for a sponsor to take up the Maldives event, which has been highly regarded as one of the very best events on the World Qualifying Series, but for 2010 this is not a reality.

The event was created in year 2001 and run as the Deep Blue Open, an intrepid initiative by ASP Australasia at the time and over ten years delivered outstanding surf and an exceptional global promotion to the Maldives which now has a booming surf tourism industry.

Plans are already in place to re instate the event for 2011.

“With world class, super high performance waves and on the cusp of its 10th birthday, it is disappointing that the Maldives WQS event will not be featured on the 2010 ASP calendar“, said ASP Australasia Tour Manager Dane Jordan.

“On a promotion, brand awareness and media perspective the event has always offered an exceptional return on investment for sponsors and we are confident that the Maldives WQS will return for the 2011 season.

In the mean time, Sri Lankan Airlines is setting up a 6star at Arugam Bay from June 14-20 now that the new road to A-Bay will make things much easier.