Aug 14, 2009

Google Earth : splendid views

An increasing number of atolls are being precisely shot by the ominous Google Earth image viewers. If you look closely, you will find a tremendous amount of spots, and maybe some secrets surfspots. Here is half a dozen :

Aug 3, 2009

July 2009 : great surf conditions

July has been a great month for the surfers in Maldives ! Lots of long-distance swells, less monsoon winds and less rainy than usual. Good weather and good waves is what all surfers are looking for. July is normally a pretty dull month with much overcast days, strong SSW winds blowing out the lefts and generally rough conditions for cruising. Although rights like Sultans, Jails or Cokes still remain offshore, it's not necessarily a month for great surf. Watch the archives of Windguru and you can see the details of this mythical month. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A BLOW UP

July 2009
Overall : the 2nd (6 to 12) and 4th (23 to 31) weeks were idyllic
Worldclass days : July 7,8, 11,12, 23,30,31
Average : 1.9m - 11-12sec
Swells : 8 new swells with more SW on the first half and more SE on the second half
Bad weather : 5,6,13-15

By comparison, the onset of the SW monsoon last May has been among the most violent ever with 12 consecutive days (18-29) over 20 km/h and peaks at 41 km/h average WSW winds and pouring rains. The monsoon started striking among May,10 and almost lasted 3 weeks of strong west winds, which has created very rough cruising and very disorganized surf. Apart from the 1st week, May has been an horrendous month. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A BLOW UP

May 2009
Overall : the 1st week (1 to 8) was fine with clean small to mid-size swells.
Worldclass days : May 1,2,3,6,7
Average : 1.4m - 8sec
Swells : 6 new swells with very little SE, 11 days of dominant WSW winds / swells
Bad weather : 9-11; 13, 18-21; 23-26

Remember, most of the good spots are facing E / SE

Make your own stats to better choose your next surtrip in the Maldives, especially on a surf safari boat.