Jun 10, 2008

Dhonveli WQS 6 star : Maldivian surfers still need to train harder to beat the Pros

After competing in the Atoll Trials on June 8th in sloppy 2ft surf, the top 8 Maldivian surfers have entered the main draw of the World Qualifying Series SriLankan Airlines Pro. The ASP 6 Star Prime has begun at Pasta Point and surf conditions are looking at perfect 3-5ft all week.
After Round 1 of 144, all the
Maldivian surfers have finished last in their heats. Here are their scores (Best 2 waves. Out of 20). What happened to Mohamed ‘Billu’ Erushaadh ?

Hussein “Iboo” Areef 8.77

Mohamed Irushad 5.40

Ahmed "Mike" Shihaz 5.26

Abdullah "Fuku" Areef 4.53

Ahmed Aznil 3.50

Azly Naseem 3.20

Mauroof Ahmed 2.17

Out of 96 competitors, only 11 competitors could have been beaten by Iboo’s score. Quite a few Hawaians have been scoring pretty low.But there is definetely a lack of good scores in the Maldivian surf community to really hope that a Maldivian surfer could do well (win a few heats) in that contest. Maldives owns some of the best waves in the world but it will take some years before it breeds some of the best surfers.

8.60 Thomas Bady (FRA)

8.24 Chaz Chidester (HAW)

8.07 Luke Cheadle AUS

8.02 Ola Eleogram (HAW)

7.67 Frederic Robin (FRA)

6.92 Jose Maria Cabrera (CNY)

6.84 Marcelo Nunes (BRA)

6.30 Brent Dorrington (AUS)

5.63 Bear Bailey (HAW )

4.44 Mason Ho (HAW)

3.06 Jake Davi (HAW)

Don't miss the live action all week (last day June15). Check the webcast online !


Anonymous said...

One thing Yep... last year the atmosphere in the water in Jail´s with the maldivian surfers particularly was very "hot blood" ...and another years comparative is bad to worse. I´m a calm surfer (all the year working hard for this ten relax days) and for me Maldives is the Paradise...but...what do you thing. It´s our fault?
It´ls ike our beaches...
Best wishes for your new surf blog and long live for the surf in maldives!

Club Med Kani said...

I didn't even know you could surf in the maldives!

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