Jun 2, 2008

Tony Hussein death 2

According to Dara, surfguide at Chaaya Dhonveli, Tony Husseing went surfing on May,27th at Pasta Point. As dara said 'He walked from shore and as he was gonna duckdive a wave, a longboarder went straight to him and there was some weird interaction. Then, Tony was floating face down. I was shooting from the beach at that moment so I jumped in the water to recover him. He had collapsed and was pronounced dead a few moments afterwards. Although he had some injury on the back of his head, it's been said by the doctor on Dhonveli that he had been striken by a heart attack".
Hinde's story, recounted in detail by Shawn Shamlou in The Surfer's Journal, is a rare tale of "Serendipity" and the ultimate result of surf adventure. "It wasn't until Tony's fourth trip (...) in 1975, that waves outside of Male were found," Shamlou wrote. "Tony headed straight for a spot he had seen on a very onshore day, hoping this time it would be the right season. What he found changed his life forever: not one, but two perfect waves breaking off an uninhabited island, an unreal right/left setup (...) After that first hallmark surf, Tony literally peered out from the surf break and sussed out the closest inhabited landmass-Himmafushi Island. That's the island where Tony would live. He'd found the end of his road."


Turtle said...

What a terrible loss.

What exactly happened with the longboarder and Tony? Something doesn't compute.

Anonymous said...

I surfed at Dhonveli with Tony three years in a row. He was an amazing man and a beautiful surfer. This is a huge loss.

Anonymous said...

I met tony in 2000 when staying at Tari. He was only around for a day but he seemed a great bloke, very relaxed and passionate about the Madlives, it's people and promoting it's surf in the most positive way. Hopefully you get a few more tunnels wherever you are. Rest in peace